Ownership and Funding

**Ownership and Funding Disclosure – Karnataka Jyothi**

Karnataka Jyothi is an independent media outlet dedicated to providing news and information related to Kannada cinema and actresses. We are privately owned and operated, with no affiliations to any political parties, organizations, or external entities.

Funding for Karnataka Jyothi is derived from advertising revenue, sponsorship agreements, and partnerships with relevant stakeholders in the entertainment industry. We maintain editorial independence, and our content is not influenced by the interests or agendas of our funding sources.

While we may collaborate with advertisers or sponsors to support our operations, our editorial decisions are guided solely by journalistic principles, ethics, and the pursuit of truth. We are committed to transparency and disclose any potential conflicts of interest or sponsored content to our audience.

At Karnataka Jyothi, we prioritize the integrity and credibility of our reporting, and we are dedicated to serving our readers with accurate, impartial, and reliable information about Kannada cinema and actresses.